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The Space Park Väisälä provides various services for visitors in English. Private events, whether in the meeting rooms or in the planetarium or tours of the observatory.

Planetarium & Observatory

Our fully digital high-resolution planetarium has various movies  on various astronomy topics. The planetarium can also be used to just view the stars and learn more about the night-time sky. 

We also offer tours of the Observatory, going into the history and construction of the area, topics of research, as well as visiting Finland’s largest optical telescope.
Outside we have set up a path of the solar system, with the sizes and distances of the planets to scale. Guided tours with stories about the planets are also available.
Presentations on astronomical topics, or the work of an astronomer are also available.

We also have a mobile planetarium available for schools, private events and public showings.

Meeting rooms

There are four meeting spaces available to rent.

Seminar room 1 & 2: classroom arrangement  for up to 50 people.

Seminar room 2: Cozy sofa arrangement for up to 14 people.

Seminar room 3: Group work space for up to 22 people.

Seminar room 4: Small meeting room for 18 people.

All spaces are equipped with a projector or TV for presentations.
Catering available on request. 
Lunch is possible via the Tuorla Guesthouse.

The planetarium is also available as a meeting space, for extra special meetings.

Arrival Instructions

Space Park Väisälä is situated in Piikkiö at Väisäläntie 20.
There is ample parking available near the seminar rooms or the planetarium, so you can park right next to the buildings.

Important points of interest

1. Seminar rooms 1-3
2. Seminar room 4
3. Planetarium and starting point for tours.

Contact us

You can use the form on the left to contact us, or call us:
+358 45 317 9994